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Repairing an old, damaged ceiling might cost too much money and effort. In such a case you might consider a dropped ceiling to conceal the imperfections.  lichtdecke

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An increasingly popular solution of this type is stretch ceiling. It is much more lightweight than plasterboard. It also allows for a quicker installation. Fabric ceiling is an alternative that is worth considering. spanndecken preise

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Stretch ceiling is a kind of dropped ceiling. This method is one of the oldest techniques in the category of spanndecke kosten . Hanging a fabric under ceiling was popular in many countries throughout the centuries. Ancient Romans used silk, Egyptians - flax, while Armenians preferred cotton.

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In time, stretch ceiling became a scarcity, to come back in the 20th century. Nowadays this type of dropped ceiling is made of PVC fabric.  lackspanndecke preise It is installed on special boards attached to the walls. There are many patterns which can be suited for a particular interior design. The most popular dropped ceilings of this type are: spanndecken montage


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